Cooking with Boy Lacer: Barbecue Dippers

I have a lot of shifts at the weekend, so Mr. Lacer does more of his share of the cooking, although the kids have started to chip in to. Last weekend Girl Lacer made lunch completely on her own (sandwiches), this weekend Boy Lacer wanted to make lunch. Now obviously this required a little bit more supervision and luckily I don’t work over Sunday lunch times (unlike Saturday lunch time), so I helped out this time, as did Girl Lacer.

He chose Barbecue Dippers from his Cooking for Boys book; chicken drumsticks with vegetable skewers, all coated in a homemade barbecue sauce. The kids helped make the sauce and assembled the veg skewers and brushed the skewers with the sauce, Girl Lacer also helped brush the barbecue sauce onto the chicken (which later prompted the question on how they got chicken legs, “Did they wait for the chicken to die?”, ummm no, we explained that we made sure we got our meat from a supermarket who looked after their chickens and made sure they didn’t suffer, but so waiting for the inevitable vegetarianism at some point).

Anyway the result was lovely, particularly the homemade sauce (and now the kids know what goes into barbecue sauce as well, Girl Lacer was gob smacked that honey goes into barbecue sauce, particularly as she loves barbecue sauce yet hates honey.


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