Musical interlude ……

Inspired by Corvus’s Sunday Song post, I thought I’d post a link to the song I can’t stop listening to right now, it’s by Jake Morley, it’s a few month’s old but new to me and it ‘speaks to me’ on so many levels (for a start – and on a shallowish level – I have dodgy feet, that are currently, due to lots of surgery in my 20s, reasonably ok feet, but I know full well that ‘ok’ may not last, maybe that’s one of the reasons why I like this song so much on a semi-subconscious level, as I realised recently that’s it’s now over 10 years since my last foot surgery and although the recovery time from the surgeries was tough, I can do so much more without being in pain than I thought I’d be able to do in my 20s). Anyway, this was not meant to be a post about my feet! Just enjoy the good song below (which isn’t really about feet) ↓

Can highly recommend the entire album , of which I also particularly love the title track Many Fish to Fry.

(Warning: sweary word featured)

All videos from Jake Morley’s Youtube channel


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