Allotment update

Shock horror, I went up the allotment this morning and actually came back with something.

365:177 Soft fruit

Ok the blackberries were from the supermarket but the raspberries and golden raspberries were from the allotment, so used to putting in all effort and no reward from that plot (although I think the snails appreciate me).

Anyway, as you may imagine, being right handed and having surgery on your right wrist, puts a serious dent into your ability to garden, so I’ve been struggling a bit with the plot, I was already fighting a loosing battle as it was what with weather / life getting in the way anyway. So, I am with great embarrassment going to post a picture of the plot showing how it is at the moment and that’s after a week of slow and careful planting (the next instalment of my constant Rocket Garden arrived last week, when I was unfortunately not really in the position to get in the ground all at once, as my hand/wrist wasn’t strong enough, so I’ve been going up there doing a little bit at a time, trying to keep the remaining unplanted plants alive at home. Anyway, here goes, *gulp*.

(Excuse the bad handwriting, I was writing using a tablet pen on my iPad, which is never the neatest thing anyway but since the op I’ve had to teach myself how to hold a pen differently, so my handwriting has gone pretty bad anyway).

So anyway, as it stands, snails keep eating my peas (and some of my salad) and with the bad weather in general, everything is growing pretty slowly (except for weeds). I have another instalment of my Rocket Garden coming next month and I have to clear some serious ground for it. I also need to clear my shamefully overgrown soft fruit bed. I’ll make a start on the soft fruit bed first and hopefully in a week or two I’ll be able to dig again because right now I can’t and I really can’t clear the rest of the ground without digging over again.


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