The Age of Miracles


The Age of Miracles is apparently the new much hyped book, the book ‘everyone is talking about’, although having said that, the only people I’ve seen talking about it are the publisher’s on Twitter, saying that everyone’s talking about it.

However, it is worth the hype, a coming of age story with a really interesting premise, the Earth is slowing, the days getting longer. Told from the perspective of 11 year old Julia, who lives in California, it not only documents the environmental and sociological effects of what happens when the days get longer but also that time in a child’s life where things change anyway, friendships fade, love blossoms, parents seem more human.

The whole story is told from a very personal level, if Dan Brown were to write a book with the same premise, the action would be global, the events far more dramatic, the cause sinister, a race against time to fix it. The Age of Miracles isn’t like that and although part of me was screaming for a reason for the slowing, I liked and appreciated looking at such a global ‘event’ on such a small scale.


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