Blog to (self-published, one off) book

As the kids grow older and the digital mountain of photos and videos grow, I’ve grown increasingly paranoid about safe guarding the material. I think I’ve actually got more worried with the switch from storage media like DVDs and hard drives to cloud based services, because although DVDs and hard drives can corrupt / get lost or stolen, well, cloud based services, you’re essentially trusting someone else, you’re also trusting that you’re going to keep paying that subscription / remember those passwords. So, although I do happily use the cloud (big fan of Dropbox actually), I am trying, albeit slowly, to get the important stuff down in hard copy. And that has finally included this blog.

This blog is 5 years old this month (wow) and over the years, well, I won’t say a lot of work has gone into it, I’d say more a lot of ramblings, but I know, thinking about it, that if ever, god forbid, something happened to WordPress and this blog was lost, I’d not be happy. Specially the early years of the blog, when both kids were still at home (at least part of the time), this blog was, well, a record, of that time. (I realise in later years this blog has become less ‘diary like’, if anything because my days are more uniform now, let me see ‘ woke up, got kids to school, did housework / work / crafting / cooking / gardening, picked kids up from school, schlepped to after school clubs, got kids to bed’, would be my blog post for at least 300+ days a year).

So, obviously, I can’t print off the whole blog at once, so I thought I’d start at the beginning, just doing 2007 (about 5 months worth) and phew, that ended up as working out to be quite a lot of self-published book (323 pages) and that did work out to cost quite a bit (although not in an excessively unaffordable way, as long as I was happy to keep the printing at black and white only). I have another 4 1/2 years of blog to print and I’m obviously not going to be able to do it all at once, I’m seeing this as a long term project, I think the rest of the blog will have to be printed in 3 month blocks, maybe one book every few months or so.

So, *ta da*, here is the first book.

I used Blog2Print, I’ll admit I tried using the far sexier looking Blurb first but I couldn’t get their software to load my blog posts and all their help service could advise was to reinstall the software, which I did and it still didn’t help. But overall, I was quite impressed with Blog2Print’s service, like I said, if you stick to black and white only, it’s not that expensive (and you still get a coloured cover) and considering it’s based in the US, service and postage was pretty quick.  (And talking of the cover, there’s a front photo and a back photo and as default it takes the first (for the front) and last (for the back) photos from the blog you’ve selected, you can change the photo selection and ideally I’d have preferred it not to have been a blocky Jamie Oliver cover (the back is Bill Granger) but I didn’t post many photos of my own back then, so I couldn’t find any I liked from the time period, so I stuck to the default option).

I’m not the sort of person who goes back and reads her blog and even with it now in print form, I’m still not going to, I have flicked through to read some posts at random though and ooh I whinged a bit (mum to a 3 and a 1 year old, not surprised really). I think this book (and the others when I print them) will go on a shelf, just to be kept, who knows, maybe over the years I’ll continue to flick through them or maybe they’ll lay dusty and undiscovered in a box to be discovered by Girl Lacer’s grandchildren (*hi there great grandkids!*). I have already discovered one interesting post though, the first post where I wrote that I was ‘curious about embroidery’

And the post a few days later, with my first piece of embroidery (ooh it was bad!).

Here’s to a growing collection of books.


2 thoughts on “Blog to (self-published, one off) book

  1. Glad to see someone else had this same idea. I have not done it yet, but plan to “publish” my blog posts one day as a keepsake for my girls, who are the main reason I blog at all.

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