Write it On Your Skin

I’m going to try and make a more concerted effort to write about the music that is important to me, so whereas I waxed lyrically about Jake Morley the other day, there is one man I’d kick Jake out of my audio bed for, any day of the week and that’s Newton Faulkner and he just happens to have a new album out, Write it On your Skin, which as it happens, I absolutely adore and it has kicked Many Fish To Fry out of it’s continual loop top spot.

Newton Faulkner is one of those guys who plays cheery songs about being miserable but how it’s all going to turn round and get better, I dare you to listen to his latest album and not smile. I love the imagery conjured by Newton’s songs, this is going to sound weird but there are certain artists that when I hear their songs, the images I see in my head are embroidered, Eliza Doolittle is one and Newton Faulkner is another and this album has got the mental imagery going into overdrive. I like lines such as;

It’s such a long shot

Everything we’ve got

Just living on this rock

Surrounded by the sea

With our shoes off

Balancing on roof tops

You put your faith in preachers

I put my faith in me

Chorus from Longshot by Newton Faulkner

We’re never told, we’re never told when to give in

We never know, we never know when it’ll end

So we better go, so we better go when it begins

The earth will shake as the mountains crack

And all that’s taken is given back

The Golden Age is coming round the bend

Just roll with it baby

Let go and shake a little tail feather

Go with it, just roll with it baby

Let go

And all the things that held us back

That drained us like an hour glass

Will disappear like sugar in the snow

Sugar in the Snow by Newton Faulkner

Having gone through phases in my life where Faulkner’s other albums have also been on continual loop, this album does sound, in places, slightly different, there’s more of a band behind the man with the guitar in a lot of the tracks this time, but it’s done well.

There is also the added benefit of a further six acoustic tracks at the end of the album; four of which are tracks from the album and the other two, I Need Something and Dream Catch Me, are absolute classics from Newton’s older stuff, a real treat.

I think overall my favourite tracks from this album are Brick by Brick, Write it On Your Skin and Longshot, have you heard this album? What are your favourite tracks?


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