The Olympic Rings at Richmond Park

Me and Girl Lacer went to find the Olympic rings in Richmond Park today (warning there’s going to be a whole slew of over excited Olympic posts from me this summer). I had spotted the photo of the rings on Facebook and as we live so close, I just had to go.

It was an adventure in itself finding the rings, going just by the Facebook photo, I recognised Penn Ponds, so headed there first to orientate ourselves. Then there was lots of squinting at the photo on my phone and going “well there’s the small pond and there’s the Royal Ballet School, so that must mean the rings are over there,” but we spotted lots of great wildlife on the way, the park really is blooming at the moment.

When we found the rings, understandably from ground level you don’t get the greatest of views but it’s worth having a stroll round them and then heading up to the nearby ridge of small hills, to get at least a slightly better idea of what they look like (middle photo was taken from the aforementioned hill) but really, you need to be on a plane going into Heathrow, to get a really fantastic view.

Once we had found the rings, that meant we had to make our way home again, via Kingston town centre as Girl Lacer wanted to spend some pocket money. So I’d looked at the map and thought that the gate at Kingston Hill (called Robin Hood Gate) would be the best place to exit the park and then we could get a bus down the hill and into town. Hmmmm, this is where my “oh look, I can see the exit from here” skills trip me up. You see Richmond Park is a fantastic mixture of woodland and open fields and when you’re in an open field bit, you can see quite a distance (which is an amazing feeling, it’s only when you see what you’re normally missing, i.e the ability to see more than just the building across the road, do you realise, or at least I realise, how restricted your line of sight is living in the city, Richmond Park is one of those places where you have to pinch yourself to remind yourself that you’re still in London). Anyway, so I was standing in a field, could just about see an exit in the far distance and I assumed it was Robin Hood gate . . . nope, I only realised it wasn’t when we finally, after a lot of walking, got to it. I actually, until just now when I looked at the map, assumed we’d gone through Roehampton Gate instead, but no looking at the map, we not only missed the right gate by one, we missed it by two gates, we had left through Sheen Gate instead and considering we had entered through Ham Gate, that meant we had just literally walked across the park (it’s a very big park). No wonder it was a long walk to get to the bus stop in Roehampton!

So, the moral of the story is, don’t trust me to know where I’m going in Richmond Park (it’s not the first time I’ve got lost there) BUT the rings are a definite must see, specially if you’re in a plane 😉

Image sources

Richmond Park photos – me! (see my Flickr stream for bigger, brighter, better photos)

Map bastardised from Google.

PS Please do not use any of my photos without my permission, thank you kindly 🙂


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