Fabric Flowers and All Sewn Up

fabric flowers

These are the end of year gifts for Boy Lacer’s two lovely teachers, they’re the fabric flowers from my new favourite craft book All Sewn Up by Chloe Owens and they did not take anywhere near as long as I think they look like they would make (they were actually quite easy, although some of the gathering is a bit dodge).

Anyway, as I haven’t written about All Sewn Up before, I thought I would; I have an alarming tendency to buy craft books based on projects featured from them in craft magazines (namely Mollie Makes) and really I shouldn’t because you know what? A lot of the time the featured project in the magazine is often the only really good project in the book (don’t mind me, I’m being bitchy today, because I have absolutely horrible hayfever) and hey I’ve already got the project in the magazine, I don’t need to buy the book to. But All Sewn Up is in the minority because I saw a cute project from it in Mollie Makes (a really cute rainbow baby quilt), felt like I just had to have the book and you know what? I’m glad I did because the book is really, really good.

It’s an incredibly pretty book; Chloe Owens is a textile artist and her style shines through this book, think gorgeous retro fabrics, trendy layouts and cute illustrations (RIP Owens lovely cat who features heavily in the book but sadly died before it was published), the book itself feels good to hold. The book itself is divided into chapters with things to make with a kitchen theme, softies, gifts, bedroom items and decorations. Owens uses scraps of material (so this book is perfect for anyone with a stash), to embroider, applique and sew stuff that I actually want for myself, which is always a good sign that it’s also a good book for making gifts. I know for one that those fabric flowers are so going to get made again, specially now I know how relatively quick they are to make (I’m already planning on making one for myself, minus the stalk, as a brooch). Most of the projects look like the sort of stuff you could easily go into somewhere like Zara Home and go and buy off the shelf, so it looks a little more professional than some craft books. Now obviously that’s assuming you’ve got the craft power Owens obviously has by the bucketloads and I have to admit that my flowers don’t look quite as neat as her’s does, but hey practice makes perfect and with this book you’re going to have fun doing it.

Projects I particularly like the look off in the book include;

  • an appliqued tea cup and bird tea towel
  • an appliqued woodland table runner
  • appliqued oven mitts
  • fabric coasters
  • an owl pillow
  • bobtail bunnies
  • a giraffe softie
  • that rainbow mini quilt
  • a bird appliqued and free machine embroidered book cover
  • appliqued coat hanger covers
  • an absolutely gorgeous cat bag
  • an appliqued and embroidered butterfly catcher cushion
  • pom pom slippers
  • fabric bookmarks
  •  a really clever appliqued cushion using your favourite motifs from other fabrics
  • a hanging bird thing
  • bunting
  • two beautiful appliqued pictures

And what I particularly like is how a lot of the applique designs are interchangeable between projects, so there’s even more wonderful things that could eventually come out of the book. I thoroughly recommend it (in case you hadn’t guessed).


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