Different view

Allotment: July 2012 (after the July instalment of my constant garden)

My wrist seriously hampered my allotmentering for all of June and a good chunk of July but I’m back up to almost near normality with my wrist now (the amount I can bend my wrist back is still increasing, although yoga still wouldn’t be a good idea and the most inconvenient thing about it now is that often when my wrist brushes against something it feels like sharp flakes of something are sticking in, they’re not but it’s a bizarre, uncomfortable sensation). So anyway, that all means that I’m in far better shape to go and fight back with the weeds.

The photo above was taken from by apple tree senior, I can’t normally stand there (the rampant Jerusalem artichokes that grow there on that side fight back, literally, if I try) but I cleared that area today, well started anyway, there’s still a lot of yellowing grass to remove, but after a few months of trying to squeeze my gardening into only a portion of the plot it was nice to stand there today and suddenly feel my plot get bigger.


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