The Torch!

Flame crop

The Olympic Torch came through my part of London today (only a couple of roads away from where we live). I had booked the kids in to the local craft work shop to make their own Olympic Torches beforehand and then we went out and watched.

The atmosphere was lovely, even watching the support crew and the police patrolling the roads ahead was fun (the number of police motor cycles we saw with either an inflatable torch and/or a Wenlock, Mandeville or GB Mascot stuffed behind their windshields. There was even this character (sorry took photo hurriedly not realising it was set on the wrong setting, had to run it through some photo editing software and it still doesn’t look that good).


I hadn’t realised until we finally saw the long line of Torch relay vehicles, exactly how many vehicles there would be (on the TV you really just see the big coach that drives slowly behind the runner)  but there are many more than just that. In fact when we first saw a little torch relay mini bus with torch bearers inside, one of whom was standing up holding his torch and waving, I thought that was it and that maybe the torchbearer for our bit wasn’t running (or walking), he did look a little elderly). Specially as this mini bus was followed by three giant corporate vehicles for the three sponsors.

But then there was a little lull and then people started craning their necks to the left, to a junction just down the road where I think most people knew there’d be a scheduled torch kiss (where one torchbearer exchanges the flame with another) and then there was that big coach from the telly in the distance and then there was the torchbearer. It was a little bit all over in the blink of an eye and the photo I got of the torch kind of looks like it’s just an arm protruding out of one of the burly police officers that guard the torch and its bearer, but still, we saw it (and we did get to see the actual torchbearer to, just didn’t get a good photo).

torch (crop)


2 thoughts on “The Torch!

  1. If it’s not too far from you then you should head up river on Friday…it’s going round the maze and then our guys are escorting it downstream by barge to Teddington Lock… the torch is in Gloriana which I beleive is the queens barge and will be escorted by a flotilla of rowing boats…at least until it gets to the lock…apparently though it is about 7.30 in the morning…so it may be easier to watch it on TV ! Actually isn’t Hampton Court slightly downstream of you ? I get confused…

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