A Mascot-y trip round London

We went into town today to meet my dad, we had originally thought to head to the Tower of London but we were torn because a new exhibit had just opened in Tate Modern and we had still yet to see the newly opened Tanks at the Tate as well. So we met up at the Tower of London anyway first, if anything to see the Olympic rings on Tower Bridge (which are pretty wow).

And where we got to spy on an outside broadcast of USA Today (ooh American reporters are a little more glam than ones on the Beeb). We walked past as they were also filming some crowd shots, Girl Lacer is very impressed that she may just possibly be on American TV and that very possibly an old (American) teacher of hers might see her.

We also got to see where the kids’ ancestor by marriage (Thomas More) got brought into the Tower of London (Traitor’s Gate) to have his head chopped off, which Girl Lacer was extremely impressed by but then we decided (after lunch) to head to Tate Modern instead of going into the Tower. We decided to head there by boat (even though it’s within an extremely walkable distance) and to be honest by the time we’d bought the ticket and then waited for the boat we could have walked there a lot quicker and a lot more easily, but it was fun.

Tate Modern was cool, after an initial hmmmmm about the new Turbine Hall installation, a performance / interactive piece by Tino Sehgal, I really liked it.

It may look like a bunch of people standing around but actually most (difficult to tell apart the performers from the visitors) are performance artists who stand round and tell you stories. One of them tried it on my dad, my dad ran a mile. For a while I thought that was it and it took some explaining to the kids, who although are normally massive Turbine Hall fans, were a bit bemused by this one. But then the light flickered out and at first we thought their lights had just failed, they came on again and we thought nothing of it and then they started fading in and out and then something happened which was rather magical and well, you’ll just have to see it (don’t want to ruin the surprise) but the kids went from bemused to impressed (well, I think at least Girl Lacer was).

We also went to see the new display space The Tanks, which were fantastic. Basically The Tanks are where they used to store the oil for the turbine and they have now converted them into a space for performance related art (dance, film etc) and it’s perfect. The all enclosing concrete, with the lack of natural ligt is womb like and it allows you to be really enveloped into the piece. We saw some experimental ballet rehearsals which were a bit hmmmm but then we saw some short films and they were fantastic, not so much the films themselves but how they were displayed, in darkened rooms with some excellent sound systems. I particularly liked the two larger rooms (linked by a glass wall in part), they displayed several screens with different films and little areas of soft carpet and weird things to sit on and odd things propped up against the walls, I loved it, the kids loved it.

But they particularly loved all the mascots we bumped into.


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