Seeing the torch again

How lucky am I? Seeing the torch twice! As it happened it came through my home town for a second time today, as it journeyed by river from Hampton Court to Tower Bridge before heading on land for the stadium. This time it was on the Queen’s barge, the Gloriana, which we missed seeing in the Jubilee, so that was an extra treat. It was really impressive seeing at first three of the tourist boats that go up and down the river near me, side by side, leading the procession, followed by some police boats and then Gloriana herself, with the torch flame in a special beacon at the front of the boat. Following behind was a whole, long flotilla of more boats, it was pretty special. Unfortunately though all the camera gods were against me, first my memory card was full on my ‘proper’ camera, so I had to hurriedly delete some photos and then I got the battery warning light (which is always as frustrating as hell because you see it literally about a minute or two before the camera is about to die, so not much advance warning), so I switched to my iPhone and then the memory space for that filled up after just a couple of snaps! Still I managed to get something.

The start of the procession

Gloriana with the torch

PS Whilst we were waiting we also heard the 8.12am bell ringing, to be honest probably nowhere near as impressive as it would have been to be near Big Ben or St. Paul’s, as it was just a few hand held bells in the crowd and a hell of a lot of that bell ring tone on the iPhone but hey, all in the community spirit!


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