Virgin to Veteran – week 2

21st July



Butterflied chicken for tea, it was nice but nothing particularly to write home about. However the method of flattening out the chicken breasts meant that two plump chicken breasts were enough to feed two adults and two not too big kids and the not too big kids ate it all up to.

22nd July


The kids are lucky to go to a school with a wonderful new canteen and a fantastic selection of school dinners. The head chef is brilliant and he’s particularly famed, at least by my kids anyway, for his meatballs, you mention his meatballs and my two start to go all glassy eyed and dreamy. So, as they seemed to like meatballs so much I decided to have a go at making them myself, even though I knew they probably wouldn’t be a match on the schools . . . and they weren’t, the kids still ate them all up them (these were the Italian version of the Spanish meatballs recipe in Virgin to Veteran, I do like how Stern gives variations on some of his recipes).

26th July


These were butternut squash falafel and they were absolutely delicious and the kids (like with the courgette fritters last week) absolutely hated them, which is a shame as again, these are not a recipe to make just for one. The recipe was a bit of a faff to make though but ooh worth it . . . (heads off to drool somewhere other than my keyboard).


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