You know, sometimes I think I may love the books I initially found hard to get into, even more when after the perseverance they turn into something absolutely brilliant. Feed by Mira Grant is one such book, set around 30 years into the future, we’re now in a post zombie apocalypse world, where it almost, but not quite, went to pot. Society is still functioning, even with strident security restrictions and massive no go areas and people get on with things, albeit in a slightly different way to how they did it before. One such change is in journalism, with bloggers now the trusted news media, in Feed we follow one such blogging team; George – the newsie, Shaun – the Irwin (as in Steve Irwin, Irwins go poke zombies with sticks) and Buffy – the fictional (she writes stories and keeps the team’s tech devices up to date), as they follow a senator as he goes on tour around the country, as he tries to win the party nomination for presidency. As you can imagine, political tours when there are zombies around are tricky, difficult things, particularly when it soon appears that some outside force doesn’t want the tour to go as planned ……

I thought Feed was an incredibly clever book, it’s clear throughout the book that Grant has constructed this post ‘zombie apocalypse’ world in meticulous detail (which may have been why I found the book slow going at first, as she had to create the world before the action started, but it was worth it). She’s thought of why and how the zombie apocalypse happened, going right into the ‘biology’ of it and she’s really thought of how society would change. I particularly loved the little details in the book, like how George Romero went from horror film maker to saviour and how Apple make the creme de la creme field testing kits with the highest degree of accuracy (and the highest cost). I loved how Grant depicted social media evolving and I got a kick out of a few of the scenes in the book involved people doing what I do in my real life job. I also loved how this book really is a parable about today’s society and how we react with fear and how it restricts our freedoms, just replace the zombies with terrorists.

I also really loved, when I got to the end of the book, discovering that Feed is actually the first in a trilogy, bliss! So torn now though, I had another book lined up, which I’m also desperate to read (which is also part of another trilogy I love), so argh, torn between two trilogies now (both books are slogging it out on my iPhone as I type, which one shall I read first – I love / hate being able to download books immediately!).


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