It’s not every day you can say that you’ve seen the Olympics, let alone in your own city . . .

We went to see the morning athletics; heats for women’s hurdles, men’s discus, women’s shot put, men’s 800m and women’s 1500m, to be honest considering the recent Olympic excitement, particularly for Team GB, this morning’s output wasn’t particularly exciting and to be honest *whispers* watching athletics on TV versus watching it in the cheap seats where they’re little mini stick figures, well . . . But you can’t beat the atmosphere, particularly when anyone wearing the Team GB kit even stepped into the stadium. There was something weirdly timeless about it.

After the athletics we went up the Orbit, a giant sculpture where you get the lift up and then walk the 400 or so steps down, which was quite fun (and there’s some great views and really cool curved mirrors at the top). We then had lunch in the biggest McDonalds ever (or something) and then had an explore around the rest of what turned out to be a surprisingly gigantic park. I was really impressed with everything about the park, most of the architecture was fantastic (and the temporary stuff could be forgiven in looking a little less appealing), the planting with its sea of flowers was amazing (and reasonably mature, they must of started work on that a while ago) and I loved the random art work dotted round the place. Even got to see the Gloriana again! Oh and all the volunteers were incredibly cheerful and enthusiastic, I think my kids must have high fived half of them! So a lovely day out to remember, although if I were to see the Olympics again (and I might you know, next time it comes to Western Europe, I think I’ve caught the bug), I think I would probably invest in slightly more expensive seats . . .

Oh and the transport was fine


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