What I learned from the Olympic Games

  • I loved that in a country where the ruling political party seems intent on dismantling our NHS and their members seem to be loosing more and more grip on what it’s like to live in this country without a trust fund, Danny Boyle could still put on an opening ceremony that could stick two fingers up at them in front of billions of viewers (now that wouldn’t have happened in China!)
  • I love that the games do inspire a generation but not just in sport (although the Games have been excellent in showcasing to Girl and Boy Lacer sports that they didn’t even know existed) but in life in general; that with hard work, passion, a level head and maybe a bit of luck on the day, you can succeed and that’s not necessarily coming first either, just making it round the track sometimes is a success and if you don’t make it round the track (or the equivalent) you learn from what went wrong and you accept defeat gracefully and make plans to come back.
  • I liked in particular some of the athlete interviews (although I felt a little sorry for some of the breathless athletes getting pounced on so soon after their events); for example the interview with Jessica Ennis just after her sixth event in the Heptathalon, when gold looked an almost dead cert and the interviewer asks her how she felt about that and she goes (I’m paraphrasing badly here), “I’m not even thinking about that, I’m focusing on the 800m and then I can think about that”, how’s that for a lesson in mindfulness and living in the moment?
  • Or when Bolt is interviewed after his 100m win and he says (again paraphrasing badly) that his coach had told him not to worry about his starts and to concentrate on what he’s good at and that’s finishing, how’s that for a lesson in playing to your strengths?
  • Or how about when Murray came back from recent defeat at Wimbledon to this time, and against the same player win, how’s that for a lesson in perseverance?
  • And finally I loved how (despite what all the whingers still said, despite being drowned out by a more vocal majority) this country came together and we did it, we held a fantastic games and we should be very proud and none of the “oh the transport system won’t hold up” blah blah blah, actually happened. (And it was such a great advert for this country to, the scenery during the road events / sailing looked terrific, if you could tear your eyes away from the action that is).

And you know what? I also learned that I really like watching sport on TV and I will definitely do my best to make sure I keep following certain sports more often, although that isn’t always made easy as most of the time (despite the BBC’s excellent coverage for the Olympics), it’s just football, football, football, with maybe a bit of cricket and rugby thrown in, which to be honest are still sports that leave me a bit cold (actually, having spent some time living in Wales I do like watching a bit of rugby, but yeugh my god, cricket *shudder*). But it’s the 21st century and now thanks to the Olympics (and to a certain extent my real life job), I know follow four more athletes on Twitter than I was following before (i.e. it’s gone from total number of athletes followed 0 to 4) and I guess I can probably find ways to carry on following athletics and diving* online, if that’s the only way to do it.



2 thoughts on “What I learned from the Olympic Games

  1. I think your paragraph about enjoying sport on tv is exactly how I felt. I’ve never really been massively into football and other such sports (despite growing up with a football obsessed family), but there was something about the Olympics that made me get swept up in it all. Maybe it was being in our country this year that did it.

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