Food by Mary McCartney – week 1

Mary McCartney has a cookbook out and being from a certain famous vegetarian family, of course it’s vegetarian (although note: really not vegan, there’s a lot of cheese featured). Also as Mary is a photographer, there is also a lot of photographs, almost as many photographs as there is cheese.

Anyway I like vegetarian cooking and buying vegetarian cookery books; I don’t eat that much meat, I find veggie cooking is often cheaper and with my terrible menu planning I don’t have to worry quite so much about the aubergine going out of date as opposed to pack of mince (and also as I don’t eat fish at all, no buying recipe books where there’s a whole chapter I can’t use). So how did I get on?

13th August

I made the jalapeno tostado, which is basically flat bread / tortilla, with cheese and jalapenoes, I also made two for the kids minus the jalapenoes and they were gorgeous. I did manage to burn them though (trying to grill three at once was probably too much), so I couldn’t eat some of mine but what I did eat didn’t even make it onto a plate, they were eaten by me dancing round the kitchen making “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm” noises, as I dished up the kids. They were just the perfect balance between cheese and bread product and the jalapeno was a nice kick across the cheesiness. You know how cheese on toast (I sold this to the kids as ‘mexican cheese on toast’) doesn’t really work if the bread is too door stoppy, well this is like the opposite, this is perfection. (Can imagine it’d work well with dips to).

I also made banana muffins from the book, they were okay, a little bit dense and floury but I think there is just something about banana muffins that is a bit fundamentally wrong, whereas conversely banana bread is so right, I think like cheese of toast, it’s all to do with proportion.

14th August

I thought I’d treat the kids to a nice breakfast, homemade smoothies and American pancakes. The smoothie did not go down well; pineapple, orange juice, coconut milk and omega oils, the kids didn’t appreciate the not completely blitzed to non-existence pineapple or the fact that I dared to put coconut milk in it. I have to admit, I wasn’t a big fan either (whereas the American pancakes, also in the book, went down extremely well).

15th August

I made the granola bars today, no photo, it’s a bit embarrassing, as basically I made deconstructed granola bars, i.e. granola. The granola just did not stick together properly when it came to cutting it. As granola though, I thought it was really nice, I’m not a big fan of granola, there’s always something in it I don’t like, but the oats, cornflakes, apricots, almonds, seeds and agave syrup was very scrummy and all the flavours went together well, shame about the actual bars.


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