Tattooed Lady

I think I know myself well enough by now to know that when I think about getting / doing something for long enough, it is inevitable that I will one day succumb. One such thing I’ve been thinking about for years is getting a tattoo but the circumstances have yet to completely fall in place, so it hasn’t happened, because for me to get a tattoo it’d have to be at a tattoo parlour which I completely and utterly trusted and I would have to be with someone who I equally trusted and had a very good knowledge of tattoo parlours, so I knew that I was with someone who had more experience of the whole process than I did. Unfortunately my part of London isn’t renowned for its tattoo parlours and (probably linked) I don’t know anyone with tattoos (whereas when I was in my 20s and lived and worked in a different part of London, I knew some people with beautiful tattoos but sadly I’ve lost touch with them). Every time I see someone with a tattoo, if it’s a good tattoo I want one even more but then I see someone in the street with an awful one and I’m like eeep, how do you really know you’re going to get a good tattoo? Hence my criteria, I realise that with a bit of research I could probably find a parlour with lots of references and past photos and stuff but I need an experienced handholder for that element of trust.

So anyway, the kids got some really cool temporary tattoos at the Olympic park, which made me a bit jealous / inspired me to do a bit of research and I found some cool looking temporary tattoos on Etsy. So, I ordered some and I’ve been doing some testing (please excuse the slightly dodgy photos, bit difficult to artfully take pictures of your wrist and thumb).

First up, nail tattoos!

These were from Kate Broughton, I’ve had this on my thumb (under some clear nail varnish) for about a week now and it still looks good. It was slightly disconcerting at first, every time I caught a glimpse of my nail I was like “eek I’ve got something (bad) on my thumb” but it makes me smile now every time I see it now. There’s quite a lot of birds in each packet, I suppose you could go for a bird on every nail but I wanted a slightly more subtle look (and it’ll make the packet last for ages).

Also from Kate Broughton, this was part of her craft tattoo set (I thought the needle and thread would look ironic near my wrist scar, ‘ironically’ I do have an actually tattoo just above the fake tattoo from testing they did on my wrist prior to the op, you can’t see it in the photo but it looks like a five on a dice and I’m not a fan of it – it actually bothers me more than the scar, which doesn’t bother me at all). The tattoo lasted a day and then fell off when I had a bath, it was ok (oh I hate giving anything but an extremely positive glowing review of anything from Etsy). I think I picked the worst design to try, as there was a lot of blank space between the needle and thread and it consequently looked too shiny on my skin, when I use more tattoos from the set (which have a more ‘solid’ shape, I will definitely be cutting them out as close as possible to their outline). Also putting it on my wrist where the skin moves quite a bit meant there was soon quite a bit of wrinkling. However these are fun designs and I will be using the rest of them over time, I can see me using them if I’m going anywhere particularly crafty.

Finally these temporary tattoos were from Whitney Jane, this time they were precut and whereas the Kate Broughton tattoos were just stuck on the skin, these had to be applied with water. I put the tattoo in the photo on about five days ago, have had several baths and it still looks good. It does suffer a little from being shiny and a bit wrinkly like the other tattoo but not as much. I love the vintage illustration design and can easily see myself wearing these quite frequently.


2 thoughts on “Tattooed Lady

  1. Great Post. I think temporary tattoos are a great Idea. I love the one in the last picture. It is hard to find a good tattooist with a good reputation and that you can trust. Luckily I have finally found one 😀

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