Taking it Easy with Bill Granger – week 1

Ah, there’s something about Bill Granger that makes me go weak at the knees, it’s not just his rakishly good looks that look a little too uncomfortably like Dexter (it’s the grin), although he’s (as in Bill, not Dexter) got facial hair now, even Mr. Lacer noticed that, he must have grown it to cope with the facial chillyness of having moved to England. Anyway he has a new book out and it’s called Easy and after one week of cooking from it, yep it’s easy (and delicious).



2nd September


Roasted sausages with pepper and onion, yum, yum, yum, although I didn’t eat the sausages because I’m not a big fan of them, I had the pepper and onion, which had the same fennel seed and balsamic vinegar coating and it was delicious (in a sandwich with bacon – I may be verging on vegetarian but bacon, I’m not that strong). Mr. Lacer and Boy Lacer loved it, Girl Lacer didn’t it, I had forgotten that she does not like ANYTHING on her sausages.

3rd September

Pancetta and taleggio baked pasta, although in the spirit of economy of not wanting to buy any extra cheese to what I would have normally bought, I used cheddar instead and it was fine, in fact it was more than fine, it was delicious. It’s really macaroni cheese (although using rigatoni, which is brilliant as the pancetta and the cheese sauce can really get stuck down those holes) and the pancetta is cooked with onion (although I used shallot), which gives the dish a fantastic savoury flavour. I am never making another macaroni cheese recipe again (and it isn’t that cheesy either). Although again one child liked it, the other didn’t. This time it was Girl Lacer gobbling it all and Boy Lacer looking at it in distaste and it has once again left me wondering whether my policy of cooking the same dishes for everyone is consequently meaning that we never eat anything wildly nice as there’s always the danger that someone is not going to like it.

5th September


Chili chicken with skordalia, made in a bit of a rush and served in even more of a rush because I was about to go on shift (a hazard of working from home, a little different to worrying about your train being late), made even worse by someone ringing to arrange an appointment just as I had a spoon in the saucepan dishing up the mash (aka skordalia). Anyway, the whole thing was a bit of a compromise, it was meant to be with chicken thighs, it was meant to have considerably more chili than it did have, as it was meant to have more fresh and dried chili but the fresh chili had mysteriously disappeared from my fridge (probably to be found frozen to the back in about a month), so I swopped the fresh chili for a frozen thai herb mix that just happened to have chili in, it also had a hell of a lot of  herbs and flavourings that god aka Bill never intended, so my chili chicken turned into a more sort of thai chicken but it was really nice and the whole method of cooking it with the marinated flavoured oil was lovely and definitely something I’d do again, experimenting with different flavourings (aka what I’ve got in the cupboard).

As for the skordalia, it’s basically mash with a ton of soured cream, olive and garlic stirred in, it was interesting but nothing ever beats Mr. Lacer’s mashed potato.

Later on that day I also made marinated steak rolls with barbecue sauce; the barbecue sauce (which was very oriental inspired) was divine but eating my second meaty meal of the day I suddenly remembered why I tend to be on the vegetarian side. It was ok though and Mr. Lacer really liked it.

Thank you Bill Granger.





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