(Not so) Easy – week 2

Actually I lie, the recipes are still easy but I wasn’t feeling the enthusiasm as much this week for Bill, although whether having a hole in my kitchen ceiling dripping water and having to engage in a running effort to prove exactly who was responsible for the leak, had anything to do with it, I dunno.

Anyway ….

9th September

I made chorizo, cumin and tomato rice (except I couldn’t for the life of me get chorizo that wasn’t already very finely sliced, so I replaced it with peperoni). I was a bit worried that this dish would be too spicy for my not exactly spice loving family and you know what? It was bland, everyone (not just me) thought so, it was one of those dishes that was all promise (it smelled amazing when cooking) and no reward. The rice was also cooked for so long it was beginning to loose its shape and it was very hard in the first stage where you fry the spices not to burn them, specially considering Bill did specify a high heat. Everyone ate it though, although Boy Lacer had to have a liberal dollop of tomato sauce mixed in with his as it wasn’t tomato-y enough.

11th September


Spelt salad. I made the full amount, enough for four portions, I had some for lunch and then some for tea and then I had enough. The recipe was ok, I really like spelt but I’ve normally in the past used spelt from The Food Doctor, which comes pretty much ready cooked in a pouch. This time I used a different brand, one that you had to cook yourself and although I did my best to clean it thoroughly before using it the amount of chaff and grit in it, I’m not a big fan of having to examine every forkful of my food before eating it. Other than that it was a bit bland, although the cucumber, herb and pecorino cheese combo was nice.


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