New and old

Life is pretty busy (and stressful) right now (life on one of those tiny islands in a Scottish loch, the island only big enough for just one house, sounds really good right now) so sorry for the lack of posting, however my hours on my day* job are reducing (which is not a bad thing, I was working about 10 hours above what I normally do, over the summer on a once in a career time project, which was fun, extremely memorable, will look fantastic on my CV but meant for a while, in this meant to be part time job, I was pretty much working full time – btw the aforementioned stress was not really job related, in case my bosses are reading this!). Anyway, part of the whole reducing hours thing meant that for the first time in months I was not working on Tuesdays during the day, so to ‘celebrate’, I trimmed back two hedges, baked a cake, did lots of laundry (that bit is so not news) and *drum roll* finally plugged in my new sewing machine (which I only *ahem* bought back in July).

It’s basically the model I had my first ever sewing lesson on and the memory of how nice it was to use (compared to my extremely temperamental, very basic, very noisy machine) has stuck with me ever since. So when I was in a position to get a new machine, that was always going to be the one I was going to get. It’s soooo quiet, so no more (now I’ve actually had time to plug it in) limiting myself to sewing only in daylight hours, so not to disturb my kids / neighbours and it does automatic buttonholes, yay! (Those were pretty much the two reasons why I desperately wanted this machine, the noise thing was a problem and well I am utterly rubbish at doing button holes manually). It is a bit of a culture shock though, going from such a basic machine to something that has a button for pretty much everything (even lowering the needle, how lazy is that!). However I have a feeling it is going to be so much more reliable and hopefully that will mean (time permitting) I get to do a lot more sewing. Having said all that though, I am glad I cut my teeth on my temperamental old basic machine because without buttons for everything, I think I learnt more about how a sewing machine actually works, something I’d never have done using a sewing machine that does so much for you. It’s funny though, my machine now has a tortoise – hare function (tortoise = slow, hare = fast), when I was learning, the lovely ladies at Clothkits (where I had the lesson and years later went back and bought the machine from) put the speed dial about half way for me, but it went so ‘fast’ when I put my foot on the peddle, I literally shrieked and they had to put it right down to tortoise, it’s funny how now, a few years later, hare seems sedate (my one criticism, I think my old machine possibly was a bit faster).

So what was the first thing I made?

I embroidered this such an embarrassingly long time ago (I’m talking years here), there’s another one somewhere which I couldn’t find. The pattern is from Kitschy Digitals (can’t seem to find it on their site anymore). I have a number of things I need to sew but I wanted to start on something where it wasn’t such the end of the world if I mucked it up on my new machine (it was actually extremely simple).

As for my old machine, it’s currently sitting under my desk, I can not get rid of it, me and that old girl, we do have a bond (one that I’ll need to build up with my new machine). I would swear that my old machine would be as temperamental as my mood on whatever day I was using it and if I was tired, my machine would literally give up the ghost for the day, we’re linked. So I figure that it’s madness to get rid of a still just about (if you give it enough love, attention and conversation) working machine and you never know when I might need a spare one . . .

* I always call it my day job with a wry smile, as I work the majority of my hours in the weekend or in the evening or occasionally really early in the morning.


3 thoughts on “New and old

  1. Keep it for a) when your new one needs to go in for a service or is playing up and b) for when Girl or Boy Lacer decide they want to have a go at stitching…

    Jealous about the buttonholes function…mine is pants and I’ve ended up hand stitching them (“it’s couture darling, it’s couture !”)

    1. Have no idea why the blog didn’t automatically approve you for this comment! Yep, definitely plan to keep it for the kids, Girl Lacer has already had experience using a sewing machine at a craft workshop (although she was more impressed at the time that she was allowed to use the iron).

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