Embroidery set

The way how I store my in progress embroidery has evolved over the years and it has now evolved into a system where I store my hoops with in progress work, in zippered bags and I have a series of smaller zippered bags which I use to keep the floss for each project separate, as sometimes I can have more than one project in a bag. I also use the bags to store scissors, transfer pens, patterns, fabric, mints and to do lists lol. But one thing was missing, I didn’t have a bag big enough for when I was doing a project with bigger hoops, so I had to change that and on the way I also made a matching embroidery floss pouch and a needle case.

Erin Paisley Sublime Stitching embroidery set

The pattern set is by Erin Paisley for Sublime Stitching, I blew up the owl pattern as big as I could get on A4 paper and stitched with two strands of floss and I reduced the rabbit and the fox I think by about 50% (although I think I reduced the rabbit a little more than that) and stitched it with one strand of floss. I had originally planned to do just the owl but I just love these patterns!

For the back . . . well it always feels odd showing the back of things on here and on Flickr, as the photos aren’t exactly exciting but I’m wanting to show the patchwork / matching fabric, so here goes . . .


I just raided my scrap basket, as I’m trying and mostly succeeding these days in not buying any new fabric, however I had succumbed recently to the fabric with the grey flowers which I adore and even though I’ve only got a small piece of it I think I’ve used it on everything I’ve sewn recently (I used it to back the camera softie). It’s screen printed fabric from The Little House Martin and it’s gorgeous.

And this is the inside of the needle case, I’ve never made one before but I trusted my instincts and made one up without follow any instructions and I am pretty pleased with it.

Inside needle case

And you know having my new sewing machine really did help, I now equate my new sewing machine to my Mac and my old sewing machine to my old PC laptop (although the difference between my old sewing machine and my old PC laptop is that I at least loved my old sewing machine). With my new sewing machine if I want to sit down and do a quick bit of sewing in half an hour I can, which I know that doesn’t sound like much but when I was faced with something so temperamental before, trying to do a quick bit of sewing in half an hour, I was chancing my luck that I was ever going to get anything done. Ditto the difference between my old PC laptop and my Mac. With my Mac and my new sewing machine I can just switch them on and get things done and even Mr. Lacer appreciates how quiet my new sewing machine is (ok, ok, enough with the gadget love).

So anyway now I have a large hoop embroidery set to make me smile. I am finding in this busy world that I am having to be more and more organised with my embroidery, as my embroidery has progressed I’ve gone from just having it out loose on the table, to storing it in boxes, tins, tote bags, you name it but portability has become the key thing for me, as I do quite a large chunk of my embroidery out of the house and even when I am embroidering at home, it’s in snatched minutes and I want to be able to find everything I need for my current work in progress in a second. I’m also finding that for my sanity I need to have more than one project on the go at any one time or at least more than one project ready to go, as I hate that feeling of being about to rush out somewhere and knowing I’ll be waiting where ever I’m going for a while or if I’m about to settle down for a rare cosy night in front of the TV and I’ve finished all my embroidery projects, I hate that because then I have to go and transfer something and I never have time (and transferring patterns isn’t my most favourite thing to do). So hence zippered pouches, zippered pouches and more zippered pouches.


3 thoughts on “Embroidery set

  1. Lovely embroidery! My mum has been trying to teach me for years and failing! But i think its time I gave it a try again!! Lovely Blog!

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