Stitch Happy Bag

Happy Stitch Bag

A spot of colour in this rainy old day. I’ve decided tote bags are my new cushions, in that remember how I used to do pretty much nothing but turn my embroidery into cushions? Well now it’s tote bags as I have finally, after many years of feeling guilty that I always used to forget, got into the habit of bringing a bag with me to the supermarket. However with this bag I think I got my measurements out and it’s not really a supermarket shopper, as it’s too small (you wouldn’t get much more than a loaf of bread in it), it’s more of an everyday bag but ah well, it’s pretty (although I have a nagging feeling with all those bright colours, that it’s not really me . . . but hey, ever feel like crafting something in a bit of a different style than you normally do? – and I did have fun stitching it).

Happy Stitch Bag close up

The pattern is from Happy Stitch by Jodie Rackley and it’s another case of something in a magazine grabbing me and making me want to buy the book, although at least in this case the pattern wasn’t actually in the magazine, it was just a piece about the book because once again, other than this pattern and another pattern, also for a bag, this book isn’t particularly lighting any fires for me (ugh I always feel so bad when I say that). It’s ok and I am aware when reviewing books these days, that I’m increasingly moving away from beginner books and Happy Stitch is quite the beginners book, so when I say it’s not particularly lighting any fires for me, it’s personally not lighting any fires for me, if you’re new to the craft scene you may love it. The embroidery patterns are at a minimum in this book, instead the majority of the stitch happying is on felt, creating cute and colourful softies and accessories. I do quite like the felt ‘paper’ chains.


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