Allotment at sunset

Allotment at sunset

I always like the allotment at sunset (yes I do still go, although this year has been a bad year for crops), it always feels a little naughty being there, like walking into a shop five minutes before they shut the shutters. I like having the place to myself, I’m not one of those social allotment gardeners it seems. I also like the feeling of snatched time, as so often at sunset I’m normally / should be doing something else; working or putting the kids to bed.

It was my turn to put the kids to bed tonight but I needed to go up to the allotment to fetch a bucket I had left up there (I am in the middle of planting my winter crop and use the buckets for transport, they beat soggy cardboard boxes). I had planned to spend a little more than 5 minutes up there today but you know how it goes, a meeting I had first thing today was late, then I took longer than planned shopping and then by the time I was home again and had lunch it was only an hour to pick up and I was quite frankly knackered. But I still needed that bucket, hence the sunset trip, it was worth it.



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