Dahlicious Day (or the one where nearly no one knows what a witch really looks like)

The kids in blog safe, anonymous mode

It was Dahlicious Day at school today; the kids ‘had’ to go into school dressed either as a Roald Dahl character or in yellow (Dahl’s favourite colour). Now Girl Lacer is a veteran dresser upper, having been at the quite frankly dressing up obsessed school since she was 3, so 5 years on you give her a dressing up challenge and she’ll come up with a million and one ideas. So today she was a witch (as in a The Witches witch, which is the scariest sort) and Boy Lacer was George (as in George’s Marvellous Medicine), me and Girl Lacer came up with the medicine bottle yesterday evening whilst she was in the bath. I thought Girl Lacer made a very cool witch but you know what? All the other witches in school today, of which there were quite a few (including teachers), were all traditional pointy hat witches, I don’t think Roald Dahl would have approved (and as Girl Lacer said, they might not have actually read the book ……).

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