Bill Granger’s Easy – the summary

I’m a little behind on my food blogging (I’ve also made a fair few dishes from Nigellisima that I need to tell you guys about), I made this cake, looking at the time stamp on the photo, way back in the middle of last month, it’s the blackberry and plum streusel cake from Bill Granger’s Easy and it’s the only thing I got round to making that week when I menu planned from that book. Anyway, the cake was a success, although not so much a success as my new cake storage thingy that I christened it with, which has already proved invaluable with the two birthday cakes I made last weekend (particularly when I had to carry the cake to the party). I may very well make more cakes now that I have my new cake storage thingy, as it was always a problem storing them before, I had cake tins and all that but it was always a bit of a faff getting the cake in and out, this is a lot easier and the top of my cake storage thingy is see through so I can torture Boy Lacer with cake he can see but can’t get at. Anyway, back to the blackberry and plum streusel cake, it was a success but only I think because mindful of Cookbook A Month‘s attempt at the cake and their subsequent soggy bottom (and the wisdom of Paul and Mary), I cut the amount of fruit in the cake by half and the result was one dry bottom (but not too dry of course). Anyway, everyone liked it.

So, anyway, in summary, Easy being a Bill Granger book is therefore of course nice, the photography is of course stunning and the recipes highly do-able, however I don’t think it’s my favourite Granger book, unfortunately Bill is another chef where I’m increasingly finding I’m preferring his earlier stuff. But, having a great big dripping hole in my kitchen ceiling when I was cooking from this book did not help one bit and I suspect I will be going back to this book, over time, to try some more of the recipes out.


2 thoughts on “Bill Granger’s Easy – the summary

  1. Ooh, I’m so pleased your streusel’s bottom was drier than mine! I will try that tip of halving the fruit next time. x

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