Green light

I will confess I am not so attracted to my allotment for conventional reasons (are there ‘conventional’ reasons for an allotmenteer? there’s probably a million reasons why someone has an allotment), although I started because I wanted to grow stuff, and I still do, (although I’m appallingly bad at it), the reason why I really love my allotment is for the light, the light up there is special. Obviously the light’s not constant, a grey cloudy day and you’re not going to see it, equally you’re actually not going to see it on a hot baking day either, well not the right sort of light anyway. No, the sort of light I like, is the light you get when the sun’s low and it’s casting patterns through the weeds *ahem* plants, that’s the magic time. I could just sit up there and watch it but someone’s got to go and plant some more plants for the snails to eat.

* L to R, top to bottom –

1. Eeek look, I actually grew tomatoes this year, they didn’t get blight or anything! Shame they’re tiny and never going to go red.

2. I am quite good at growing spinach, shame I can never be arsed to go and harvest it so I can make yet more spinach soup.

3. I am also pretty good at growing rainbow chard, the snails obviously don’t like it much, which is a shame as neither do I.

4. More rainbow chard, bleurgh.

2 thoughts on “Green light

    1. Good luck. Re: snails, I’m going into my third year of allotment ownership and I’ve reluctantly decided that I can’t live and let live with the little buggers anymore, much of my growing season next year will involve the use of organic snail and slug solutions, I’ve had enough.

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