Nigellissima – week 1

Ah of course I was going to buy this book. Anyway Nigellissima is pretty much as you’d expect; Nigella type food (i.e fairly simple, heavy on the booze cabinet) with an Italian theme, although I like her premise of making it Italian food with ingredients you’re more likely to find here.

At first glance though I’m not sure how much I’m going to cook from it, not because the recipes look terrible (they certainly don’t), it’s just I don’t think I really lead a Nigella type life style (i.e. having lots of friends round for dinner) and I’ve found as I’ve menu planned I’ve been drawn to the recipes that turn out to be popular ones with her (teenage) kids (according to her recipe blurb). I guess in older Nigella books her kids have been younger and there’s been slightly more family friendly recipes but it’s only natural she’s going to be writing now about the sort of food that she’s cooking now.

24th September

Of all the recipes in the book I think this Meatzza recipe is probably the most kid friendly, it’s basically meatloaf with cheese and a tomato sauce on top. You can find the recipe here. The kids and Mr. Lacer loved it, I didn’t eat it as it was a little too much for my semi vegetarianism.

25th September

Shortcut sausage meatballs; again made just for the kids and Mr. Lacer, although I did appreciate how short cut the recipe was, as it’s just squeezed out sausagemeat from sausages, even if it was a little gross (even grossed out Girl Lacer, who was watching me doing it). However everyone who ate it, loved it, the kids who both look forward to meatballs on the school dinner menu as if they’re cats and the meatballs are the equivalent of cat nip (they’re very lucky to go to a school with an absolutely excellent head chef, his meat balls and his carrot cake are particularly legendary, I think if they’re lucky enough to have both on the same day, they must literally be floating back to class in the afternoons), anyway the kids who’ve been dining on far superior meatballs than mine, even approved of my attempt, saying that they were ‘pretty close’. I think with this recipe it really helps to choose the right sausage, I used Ocado own brand Italian sausages, that smelled very fennel-y.

26th September

One for me this time; lemon pasta, it was nice, a nice change from the normal pasta I eat and quick to make but it didn’t rock my boat so much that I’ll be rushing to make it again.

29th September

Chicken with peppers; again the kids and Mr. Lacer loved this and again I didn’t make any for me as my semi-vegetarianism was obviously rampant that week. I did have a little taste of the (chicken free) tomato sauce though and it tasted deeply savoury and deeply chicken-y.


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