Nigellissima – the verdict (week 2)

Not as successful as the previous week, I still had fun with Nigella (sort of . . . well ok, not really).


I made Gnocchi Gratin, it was obviously so memorable (not), that I forgot to take a photo and hence I can’t remember the date I made it either. It was ok, it’s just basically already cooked gnocchi baked in a cheese sauce with a parmesan and bread crumb topping. It was a little bland to be honest and Girl Lacer (a big gnocchi fan) didn’t think much of the bread crumb topping. Will not be making again.

7th October

Yoghurt pot cake. This tasted a lot lot nicer warm (the photo above was taken 10 minutes after it came out of the oven), once cool, although still edible, it had a bit of a funny taste and texture. I will not be making it again, although it was an interesting cake to make technically, as the only raising agent was whipped egg whites, something I would not have had the confidence to do well, prior to getting my food mixer. And using a yoghurt pot was a fun way of measuring out the ingredients.

9th October

I made the chocolate pasta with caramel recipe, missing out the pecans because I just had to try out chocolate pasta. In case you’re wondering, you don’t make the actual chocolate pasta (I got mine from Hotel Chocolat), you’re just making a very simple sauce for it. And? Umm . . . well, all you could taste was the caramel, so I still have no idea what chocolate pasta tastes like.

Neither kid liked this, which was a little surprising at first considering it’s pasta, chocolate and sugar but it is a bit too sweet and stodgy. I’ve got half a packet of the chocolate pasta left, anyone got any suggestions?

Anyway in summary, although this week was a bit of a bad week cooking wise, I don’t think this is a ‘bad’ book, most of the recipes I made last week were delicious and in particular popular with the kids, although having said that the recipes I made last week were pretty much the only young kid friendly recipes in the book. So, like I said last week, Nigellissima really is the perfect book if you like Italian food and do a lot of casual entertaining (and as usual with a Nigella book have a hefty drinks cabinet), if you’ve got young kids and a rubbish social life, there are still some complete gems of recipes in this book but a large chunk of the book is probably not going to be put to much use. Although not being completely mean about this book, as usual with all Nigella books, Nigellissima has to be commended for how totally simple the recipes are and yet despite (and possible because) of the simplicity, the recipes can, most of the time, produce absolutely stunning results. As I write this I’m moving on to cooking from Jamie Oliver’s new book and the difference between Nigella and Jamie recipes in simplicity terms are stark and I’m sorry Jamie, I need simple food.

PS I may be coming back to this book this Christmas, as there is a Christmas chapter that I haven’t cooked from yet and Nigella always does a good Christmas . . .


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