Embroidery roulette


I do too much embroidery for other peopleª, I do too much embroidery for specific reasons* (as in the embroidery is to be made into something specific or for a particular project) and I do too little embroidery just for the heck of it. So yesterday I played embroidery pattern roulette, I opened my embroidery pattern file on my Mac, shut my eyes, spun the mouse a few times so that the files appearing in the finder window were random (I have too many files in that folder, they nowhere near can fit into the finder window all at once) and then stuck a finger out and pointed at the screen, only then opening my eyes. I wasn’t binding myself to whichever file I picked first, and as it happened, as I also store things like printable wrapping paper and sewing patterns in the file, the first few gos didn’t hit an embroidery pattern at all. I was also not going to stitch a pattern I definitely did not feel like doing, I wanted to stitch a pattern that felt ‘right’ and I landed on an old pattern (2009!) from Nicole from Follow the White Bunny, on the fourth go and it did.

The pattern was a free mother’s day pattern, the flowers are meant to be snow drops according to Nicole, which would be appropriate for Mother’s Day, but as it’s not mother’s day, I felt like a spot of purple (I love the flowers, they’re my favourite part of the pattern). Anyway, you can find the pattern here.

ªI’ve already decided that this Christmas there will be far less (if at all) handmade presents, I’m planning on buying handmade instead.

*I am by the way embroidering something for a ‘specific’ reason at the moment that several people reading this may know about, I’ve actually finished it and I had great fun doing it, so not all specific stuff is bad (all will be revealed on Sunday).


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