Mini (baked) donuts

You know how it goes, you go into a kitchenware shop for something completely different and you come out with a mini donut mould, like you do. So, of course now I had the mould I had to find the recipe (I always hate it when unusual moulds don’t have a suggested recipe on the packaging because how are you meant to know how much cake mix and for how long you’re meant to cook a teddy bear cake?), as it turns out though, there are quite a few recipes out there, thank you St. Google. You can check out the recipes I found on my food Pinterest board, anyway, considering I’d got the mould from Lakeland, I thought I might as well try out the Lakeland recipe first. And . . . they were nice, well my family were behaving like I’d just baked some highly addictive substance and ummm quite a few went straight from the mould into my mouth (little cakes have so few calories, right? even when you eat quite a few ….). I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t get the hole to go straight through, as the mix rose over the top of the bit in the mould that makes the hole. I made two batches, the first one I think I did overfill a little but the second one I was more careful, still no joy and considering the recipe stated that they were for 36 donuts and after two batches (making it 40 donuts), I still had enough batter for at least another 10 – 20 donuts, I can’t have been overfilling that much (although that may just be the recipe being wrong). Filling the moulds were a messy job to, as you had to use a tea spoon, I noticed that the other recipes I found, the mix has to be piped in, potentially a lot neater, I will try that next time.


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