The Girl Who Fell From The Sky

I started to listen to The Girl Who Fell From the Sky just before the start of the summer holidays but failed to get into it properly (the fact that the summer holidays had started was no coincidence with this fact) and only really got into it, after many repeated listens of the beginning, after the kids went back to school (also not a coincidence) but I’m glad I kept at it (and maybe I need to remember not to start listening to any new audiobooks before the school holidays again), as once I had got into it, it was an interesting listen, I always like books where I’m walking in the shoes of someone from another era. In this case the era is the Second World War and the shoes belong to Marian Sutro, an anglo-french girl who is recruited to work in the French resistance. A large section of the book covers her training beforehand and then goes on to cover her work in the French countryside and Paris. There’s even a surprise bit of science history in there, which was unexpected but very much appreciated and it added a nice bigger picture aspect to the story. Overall not the best book I’ve ‘read’ this year but certainly not one I regret spending time on.


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