More Autumnal Richmond Park

Richmond Park

Today’s walk in Richmond Park was less about the light (there was none) and more about the increasingly deepening Autumnal colour, plus the continued very obvious presence of great big deer with great big antlers.

This time by the patch of grassland between Ham Gate and Isabella Plantation, there were just lone male stags, being made to feel a little uncomfortable by people getting too close and with their dogs to, don’t do it people, particularly this time of year (I was as usual using my camera on maximum zoom).

Young male stag - Richmond Park

But of course this time of year, even when you’re a responsible dog owner, this can happen (photo not taken on any zoom whatsoever).

Too close encounter - Richmond Park

Now I’ve seen plenty of deer cross the paths, but not follow them, I think these dog walkers had quite a shock, luckily the dog was on a lead and they managed to calm the dog down and walk round the stag. Whilst the stag walked on and made it back off the path.

Back safely off the path - Richmond Park

And finally a picture of home, in the distance.

Kingston in the distant (from Richmond Park)


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