New Sublime Stitching Floss!!!!

New Sublime Stitching Floss!!!!

I had a message via Twitter, a week or so ago, that completely made my day, Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching wanted to know my mailing address, it was all very mysterious but as a massive fan of Sublime Stitching (I totally and utterly credit them for teaching me how to embroider with their patterns and how-tos), like I say, it made my day 🙂

Roll on to last Thursday and a package arrived in the post, I opened it and out tumbled packet after packet of the most gorgeous floss, Sublime Stitching had started making their own floss! For non embroiders, this news may be a little bit “soooo?” but for embroiderers who know full well that the embroidery floss market is dominated by just two manufacturers; with Anchor dominating over here in the UK and DMC dominating in the States, a new brand of floss to play with, that’s BIG news. And Sublime Stitching have approached it from a really interesting angle, producing their floss in a range of palettes, so that it takes the guess work out of finding colours that go together when you’re starting a piece of embroidery. And one of the palettes is pre-blended (three strands of one colour, three strands of another).

So, I just had to stitch something and you can see the result above, unfortunately the weather here at the moment is being so stereotypically Autumn British (think grey and wet), that I’m struggling to take any decent photos at the moment, so the one above is about the best I could get. The pattern (and the tea towel, which I’ve had in my stash for a while looking for the perfect opportunity) is also by Sublime Stitching. The flower just peeking out on the left of the tea towel was stitched with the Flowerbox palette and a little bit of the Mingles floss (the pre-blended palette), the flower in the middle was stitched with the Prism palette and the flower on the right was stitched with the Parlour palette.

I did a joint review of the floss with Flor over on Feeling Stitchy, where you can check out Flor’s gorgeous Kitsch Witch, which was stitched with the Parlour palette and some photos of the extremely cute floss packaging (Flor being in a completely different country has far better light than me 🙂 ).

I am so looking forward to stitching more stuff with this floss, I am currently working on a second tea towel, the Frosting palette inspired me to do, well what do you think? Cupcakes of course! And I am itching to stitch the Sublime Stitching Hairstyles series with the Portrait palette. Now come on UK stockists, start stocking this stuff over here!


4 thoughts on “New Sublime Stitching Floss!!!!

    1. I think it’s just going to be online from Sublime Stitching for a while, apparently some shops in the States are stocking it, so fingers crossed more will. I’m hoping here in the UK the few shops I know that do stock Sublime Stitching stuff (Make Lounge, V&A) will start stocking the thread to.

  1. Love the tea towel!

    The Sublime floss is SO fantastic; I love everything about it! I’m going to start on one of those hairstyles with the new Sublime floss, too! 🙂

  2. Maybe a bit late to respond to this thread (see what I did there!), but we are in the UK and we have had the floss in stock for a while now and it is proving to be extremely popular. We are also doing an amazing deal on the whole nine colour palettes, Have a look on the site at: (in the modern embroidery section).

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