Newton Faulkner concert

Bad instagram photo taken at distance

Me and Mr. Lacer went to see Newton Faulkner at Shepherds Bush yesterday, I’m the big Newton Faulkner fan, Mr. Lacer isn’t. Anyway, it was the first time we’d seen a gig at Shepherds Bush and it was a lovely venue, not that I’ve seen many concerts since I’ve had kids (sob) but the proportion of stadium / arena versus smaller venue gigs I’ve seen, has been far too biased towards the bigger venue, where you know, the singer’s a tiny match stick figure. Anyway I could actually see Newton’s awe inspiring guitar technique and everything. And it turns out he’s really quite funny and charming in person as well. Anyway he played lots of his songs (obviously) as well as some non obvious covers (i.e. he did of course play Massive Attack (which is good, cos that’s beautiful) but he also played some fantastic stuff like a cover of Stevie Wonder). I went away (early – sob – babysitters – sob) an even more massive fan, having a good old sing along with all the other Newton fans who know all the words to all his stuff and Mr. Lacer went away in, I think, admiration that Newton Faulkner is a funny bloke, very good on the guitar, does a brilliant Stevie Wonder cover, yet still doesn’t like his songs (yet he likes the oh so dreary Mumford & Sons, go figure).

PS There were also two supporting acts, both were pretty good but I particularly liked Grace Savage, a beat boxer / singer (video of a previous gig here, which doesn’t quite do her justice, but there’s not much of her both singing and beat boxing on Youtube, quite a lot of her just beat boxing though, go check her out).


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