Happy Birthday Girl Lacer

It was Girl Lacer’s birthday yesterday; her main present was an iPod shuffle, thought it was ’bout time she got her own iDevice in this Apple obsessed family (ok . . . I’m the Apple obsessed one), she’s now morphed into a teenager four years early and you have to speak very loudly if you want to say anything to her, although as most of the time what she appears to be listening to is a Harry Potter audiobook, don’t mind too much.

For the first time ever Girl Lacer’s birthday fell on a school day (as her birthday normally falls over half term), which she was dead chuffed about, specially as it was a non-uniform ‘Wear it Pink’ day as well, so she could go to school wearing her favourite bright pink fluorescent dress and her pink trilby. Anyway, her birthday cake yesterday was this –

Which is the ‘Let them eat cake’ cake from Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food (minus the maltesers on the side of the cake and I used cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate in the buttercream) and was very nice and moist, crunchy, malty maltesers made a nice contrast to the soft, chocolate-y cake.

One of Girl Lacer’s birthday presents (from Boy Lacer) was The Great British Bake Off: Learn to Bake book, which is a fantastic book, aimed sort of at kids, it’s like all kids cooking books should be, not a pink fairy in sight, just a totally non patronising, you want to make nice cakes, this is how you do it, sort of book. There are some really gorgeous recipes in there that I want to make, let alone the kids. Girl Lacer wanted to do some baking when she came home from school, so she made the vanilla cupcakes, they were pretty simple and it was my fault they got a little over brown.

Today was Girl Lacer’s birthday party, we had a biscuit decorating party at the local craft workshop, ran by the lady behind this book.We’d been to one of her biscuit decorating workshops before and had been totally blown away about how gorgeous the biscuits tasted, so had to go back for more. Party was really good value for money, 10 large biscuits to decorate, with brightly coloured icing and lots of sprinkles, it kept most of the kids entertained for nearly an hour and then we had a simple tea of sandwiches, crisps and juice, followed by blowing out the candles on yet another birthday cake (I must stop holding the kids birthday parties on different days than their birthdays, as all this cooking two birthday cakes is getting tiring).

It’s the Bill Granger Cake for a Crowd, again (getting a bit tired of that recipe to be honest) but it is such an easy recipe to and this time the sides of the cake didn’t crumble (pretty sure it was because I took the cake too quickly out of the tin last time), also this time I doubled the amount and made cupcakes to at the same time, my food mixer coping admirably. And you know, I prefer it when it’s topped with chocolate sweets rather than jelly type sweets.


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