Laptop case


We’re planning a big refurb of the flat, if we can find builders that is (this statement by the way is not a written excuse to get spammed), we had hoped to be underway by this Autumn but it’s going to be January at the earliest now, anyway, much as I am desperate for my new kitchen, bathroom, back garden, electrics not liable to blow a fuse at any second etc etc, you know what I’m kinda desperate to do? As much as I am also dreading it, I really want to pack up the entire contents of my flat, give it a good sort out, all in the process of packing it away so that the storage people can look after it whilst the flat is worked on. It’ll be basically just as ‘clearing’ as moving house is, 8 years of detritus (that makes it sound like I never throw anything out, oh I do, we have one of those 2 weekly bin collections and it’s regularly overflowing) and (and this is the bit I’m looking forward to), finding 8 years of lost things. Which brings me nicely to the laptop case, I saw a laptop case pretty much exactly like this in a craft book, which I own, I just can not for the life of me find. So when it came to making my own laptop case, I knew I wanted a patchwork case like in the book I lost (and which I also cannot remember its name) but I had to guesstimate how to make it. I think I did a pretty good job (although my patchwork is a little wonky in places), I’d love to be able to find the book so that a) I can credit the designer and b) see how close how I constructed the case was to how the book did it. Once again I used what I had for the case, raiding both my scrap and my metre or less baskets to get a square of each. I think it goes to show exactly how much green toned fabric I buy, even so I kind of wish that I had kind of folded and bought some fabric specifically for this project, that way I wouldn’t have made the case quite so dark, goes to show that I don’t exactly invest in bright fabric either, but in my opinion the spirit of patchwork is using what you’ve got and I did that all right.

I made this on and off over the space of a few days, I’ve come to realise that my sewing tends to be a bit all or nothing (as in I won’t do anything for ages and then sit down and do something all in one sitting), I have always admired those people who just do a seam here and there, over time. Part of the issue with me is space, finding somewhere to store what I’m working on whilst I’m not working on it and always being able to keep my sewing area clear (so that a spare 20 minutes isn’t spent clearing my sewing desk first, so that by the time I’ve done that I’ve got about -5 minutes left). But I’m working on it, I think this was a reasonable start, even though in the mad frantic rush that was last week I spent even more time wishing that I could just spend 20 minutes at the sewing machine than actually getting my time at the sewing machine.

It was ‘funny’ though, I don’t know about anyone else when they sew but when I sew I utter a hundred tiny little sewing prayers to some sewing goddess type figure as I work; “please may my tension be ok”, “please may my patchwork not be wonky”, “please may I not sew through the ribbon ties where I’m not meant to”, I utter so many little ‘prayers’ that I think that if this was some Neil Gaiman-esque universe, a sewing goddess would be living somewhere unseen in my bedroom (quite easy, lots of piles of fabric to hide behind) because my prayers would have conjured her up. But anyway, in all my little prayers as I was making this, did I mutter to myself “please may I remember to sew on four ribbon ties”? No of course not and guess what I did? Sewed on three (hence the badge temporarily attaching ribbon tie number four in the photo).


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