Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

I try not to buy cookery books (any look at my collection will tell you I normally fail dismally), I do have my favourite food writers of whom I’m pretty faithful to, but other than them I try to control myself. I will admit that Lorraine Pascale is not on my list of favourite food writers, I don’t even make a point of deliberately watching her cookery shows but more than once I’ve been flicking through the TV channels, caught her cooking something that looked absolutely delicious and folded on the spot and bought her book that second (Amazon on my phone is a dangerous thing). Anyway, this is what I’ve been making from it (I will admit it’s not much, I had planned more, just difficult to find time to cook right now). . .

Chicken strips with honey mustard dip (lost photo, so can’t find date)

Girl Lacer was at a friends, so I decided to make me and Boy Lacer a special mummy and son tea, so I made the chicken strips with honey mustard dip, basically just strips of chicken in breadcrumbs flavoured with mustard powder and parsley and he loved it, I think it was the honey mustard dip with the tiny quarters of lime to squeeze that particularly sold it though (mayo, wholegrain mustard, honey, more lime). For a boy who could live off tomato sauce, it was nice to spread his repertoire a bit, he hasn’t so much as demanded the chicken again but he has made strident calls for the dip (and actually it is so like Dominos mustard dip that I could happily make it again to).

Roasted new patatas and chorizo bravas (21st October)


Made just for me, this was nice but nowhere near far more delicious patatas bravas I’ve eaten at my local Spanish restaurant, personally I think the (bit non traditional in a way) chorizo sort of subtracted from it.

Chicken tikka masala (25th October)


I rarely make curries but every time I do I think I should do it far, far more often. This one looked nothing like the photo in the book, I think maybe there’s a typo for the amount of tomato puree in the recipe because the sauce was pretty much all tomato puree and it really thickened things up too much (and changed the colour) but it was still pretty nice and you can’t beat the smell of a homemade curry cooking 🙂

‘Let them eat cake’ cake –  26th October


I’ve mentioned this cake here before (it was Girl Lacer’s birthday cake), it was pretty gorgeous, the cake lovely and moist and not too chocolately (although that may have been partly down to me changing the buttercream a bit) but there is something so nice about the malty crunch of maltesers, the smoothness of the buttercream and the softness of the cake that works so well together.

Other than that there is quite a bit I would still like to make (it would help if someone could add an extra few hours to the day). I particularly like the baking (both cakes and bread) sections of this book. Overall the recipes are fairly simple, do not have overly extravagant ingredient lists and are nicely photographed, although I do wish the book wasn’t printed on shiny paper, sorry to be shallow but so early noughties! (I’ll admit it, I’m a crisp paper cookbook addict)


One thought on “Lorraine Pascale’s Fast, Fresh and Easy Food

  1. Thanks for posting about this – I was given this book for my birthday a couple of weeks ago but wasn’t sure if I’d like the recipes. You’ve inspired me to give some of them ago. Am so impressed that you made the malteser cake – it looks amazing!

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