Cooking with Pinterest

I know that a common ‘complaint’ with Pinterest is that you can spend all your time pinning stuff and never actually doing it. I can be pretty bad at that, although I think I’ve made a few things from my craft board and I’ve certainly bought a few things from my style board and products I love board (in that respect Pinterest is bad for the wallet and very good for Etsy’s accounts…..). I even actually showed my (hopefully) builder pictures from my home board today, as I wanted to describe how I want my kitchen and bathroom. But I have not made much from my food board, so I’ve changed that, this is what I’ve been making recently!

1st November – ‘Crack’ bread

The chance of an ‘unhealthy’ dish making my food Pinterest board? High. Particularly if it’s got the holy duo of cheese and bacon in it. This is ‘crack’ bread, properly known as cheddar, bacon, ranch pulls. I hit a slight issue with this in that I couldn’t find a round sour dough loaf to make this, managed to order a sort of round one in my weekly shop but that turned out to be out of stock, so they substituted it with something even less practical, however it did work, it was quite adapted though (a running theme it turned out when I cooked with Pinterest recipes) as it’s an American recipe and to be honest I couldn’t be arsed to do the conversions, so I guesstimated, plus we do not have ranch dressing mix in this country, so I had to use actual ranch dressing (reducing the melted butter a bit instead). Anyway, it was nice, would have been nicer with the sour dough bread I actually ordered but not so nice I’m going to be making this again.

10th November – Pesto lasagne

Doesn’t look like much but this pesto lasagne was really nice, home made pesto and everything don’t you know. Could have done with a nice, astringent rocket salad on the side mind you, to counter balance the milkyness of the lasagne but I’d have been the only person to appreciate that (everyone else hates rocket) and anyway, I didn’t have any.

13th November – Bacon, cheddar mashed potato (what did I say about bacon and cheese?)

Altered a bit for reasons similar to the ranch bread and yep, I like my bacon crispy. This was ok but I am scared for life about my own mashed potato because whatever I do it will never ever taste as nice as Mr. Lacer’s mashed potato, probably for the same reason he makes really good toast – butter, far more than I seem to ever be genetically programmed to put on.

14th November – Vegetable patch stew


To make up for all that cheese, bacon and carbs I’ve been eating, actually making this one was a real treat, a complete and utter rarity for a Wednesday early evening, I had the flat to myself, so I pottered in the kitchen, chopping and frying vegetables for an hour, it was bliss. And it tasted absolutely gorgeous to, even the kids liked it. I had dished out just enough for me and Mr. Lacer (although I had made the full amount, as I wanted plenty of left overs), the kids were getting ready for bed by this point but they begged for forks to try some (didn’t think it’d be their cup of tea at all) and they absolutely loved it and have demanded it for tea tomorrow (thank god for left overs). This recipe by Mr. Can Do No Wrong Nigel Slater, is one I’ll be making again and again and again.

Other not quite successes

The problem with cooking from other blog recipes as opposed to cooking from recipe books (or at least magazine websites) is that sometimes the recipes aren’t quite so well tested. I had one complete inedible disaster with a sort of (surprise, surprise) cheese and bacon muffin thing and a made a butternut squash soup, which although edible was nowhere near as nice as my favourite butternut squash soup recipes (why, oh why do I keep trying new butternut squash soup recipes?).

Anyway, I am still cooking my way through my Pinterest board, although probably not all of it, even too many cheese and bacon recipes for me and that’s not to mention the over emphasis on stuff containing sugar…..



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