City walk

At the Hayward Gallery, I am ashamed I don’t know the artist behind this piece, as I really like it. I don’t know if the piece is connected to the current Chinese exhibition at the gallery.

My (I try to make it weekly) walk was considerably less green today; for the first time in literally months, it was a school day where there was nothing keeping me in or near home (like a work shift or an appointment), so I escaped into central London and I walked (for about three hours, ok in that time I did stand at wait in a couple of queues and went in a couple of lifts but that was it and I’m knackered now).

More stuff outside the Hayward Art Gallery

I crossed the river.

And headed up towards Trafalgar Square

Fountain detail (National Art Gallery in the background)

Then up to Liberty’s, passing through Carnaby Street, which had far nicer Christmas decorations than Regent Street.

(Stating the obvious) Carnaby Street

A small bit of shopping was also attempted, but that was mostly unsuccessful, so much for central London supposedly having better craft supplies, I’m going to stick with my local John Lewis / go online. Even my other shopping mission was partly achieved after I got back home again, as I needed to go to a Gap and the only Gap I walked past on my walk was actually a store smaller than the one at home, so although I got part of the two outfits I need for my two choir concerts (<-there you go, surprise fact about me that I haven't blogged about), I had to pop into my home Gap store to complete the outfits once I'd got off the train.

I am now knackered and a bit frazzled, I know the paragraph above makes my walk sound more like a shopping trip but I was multi tasking, I dunno, I guess maybe that's why I'm frazzled, should maybe stick with the more 'rural' version of the Thames in the future / stick to Richmond Park.


2 thoughts on “City walk

  1. I miss London so much right now, and here you are giving me a photo tour. I even used to work in the Hayward as a gallery attendant once upon a time. It was my first ever job in the big smoke! Nice to see my old stomping ground. (And no, its not great for crafts is it? I used to get art supplies from the cheap-y book store The Works, but I wasn’t an embroiderer in those days – I don’t know where you’d have to go for textile things!)

    1. Ooh that must have been an interesting job!

      Yep, craft supplies are terrible, I’m lucky in that my local John Lewis is quite good (I know a lot of them aren’t), thinking about it, it’s got a better range than Liberty’s but it doesn’t have everything, sigh.

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