Grey (rich red – brown / deepest green / burnt yellow) walk

Preparing for the refurbishment is going at full steam here, I’m kinda hoping that the actual refurbishment won’t be anywhere near as much hard work for me (and more like hard work for the builders I seem to be spending my entire life emailing at the moment) but anyway at the moment it’s all about trying to find somewhere else to live whilst the work is going on, discussions about dishwashers and picking tiles and bathroom suites and taps (which is nowhere near as exciting as it sounds, when mindful of exactly how much the short term let is likely to cost, that the only things you can really go for in your bathroom is cheap). So I was doing a lot of that yesterday, on what was nominally at least meant to be my only day off of the week (as in day off from the job), so when I woke up this morning irritable, I realised I needed to declare today my ‘day off’, never mind that I have 3 hours of shifts today, no this was a day off from builder / refurb stuff. So I pondered what to do with my ‘day off’ and I realised pretty instantly that I needed to be outside (or maybe I just needed to be away from the very ‘object’ that had made me wake up irritable, i.e. the flat) but this was not the day to be outside considering it had rained all night (again), was still raining and even heavier rain was forecast. It was a toss up between the allotment or going for a walk, so really a decision on which way I was going to get wet and muddy, I opted for the park.

Not the way I walked

(All photos today were taken with my phone using Instagram, I had decided not to take my camera because I didn’t want to get it wet and I wasn’t that hopeful of any decent photo opportunities anyway, of course I regretted it, I came across the most gorgeous group of deer for a start, browsing bracken under a tree but Instagram’s good, I’m not a photo snob).

Now I’ve been to Richmond Park a lot recently (“you don’t say” moan my few remaining readers – sorry I know it’s all I ever blog about, trust me things are being embroidered, books are being read and things being cooked, just difficult to finish anything at the moment) and I often aim to swing round Penn Ponds (two large ponds in the middle(ish) of Richmond Park, with a path between the two) but I never make it because I always get distracted by that new and enticing path I haven’t walked down before / haven’t walked down in ages, instead of following paths I’ve walked down so often I could do it blindfolded (i.e the paths to Penn Ponds). So I always aim to head towards Penn Ponds, get pleasurably, mildly lost and never make it. But today I was aiming for Penn Ponds with more of an air of definite determination and then I came across a path I hadn’t walked down before …..

This path was all about open skies (instead of the woods I’m normally drawn to), the gorgeous deep, dark reds of the dying bracken and parched yellows of the dead grass and some utterly glorious puddles (I was wearing wellies and at least for a moment I wasn’t a grown up juggling budgets, builders and letting agents, I was 5).

I love how clear the puddle and how well preserved the leaves look (for the moment) and how some are sort of floating and others aren’t, creating a two layered affect.

And there was a mysterious concrete thing I’d never seen before, note the grill, a ventilation point for a secret underground bunker (in my imagination)?

I did make it to Penn Ponds in the end . . .

… but on the greyest of days it was all about colour.


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