‘Tudor’ apron

The plan for today was to do a quick bit of shopping , then back home to catch up with some sewing tasks, with maybe cooking something nice in between, all to make up for a hectic, stressful Friday where I was sorting out a flat for us to stay in whilst we had our refurbishment work done, I’d found us a lovely flat by the river.

Today actually turned out to be; coffee with friends (good), shopping, home to cook lunch and whilst I was doing that it all kicked off again with the news that the flat I’d found had fallen through due a complete bastard of a landlord (boy am I glad for once of my mortgage) and I had to go and start all over again. Luckily we did have a back up flat, one that Mr. Lacer had seen, which was less posh (and weirdly more expensive) but he liked it, so I called the estate agent and started the whole long process of reading leases and balancing the sums, sewing out the window.

But school costume days wait for no refurbishment crisis and Girl Lacer was due in school tomorrow meant to be dressed as a tudor whether I was in the middle of trying to find somewhere for us to live or not, so I had to still squeeze the sewing in and this is what I did . . .


Yep, as simple as you can get, just a rectangle of hemmed white fabric (I was pushing the boat out by folding the hem over twice, I can tell you, I was tempted not to). I had planned to make the  neck strap and the ties out of the same white fabric (which, by the way, is just cheap white sheeting) but I couldn’t be arsed I’m afraid, so used green ribbon instead. Girl Lacer is wearing the apron over a black t shirt of mine (my wardrobe once again coming in use for school costume days) and the black skirt I made her for when she went to school last year as Professor McGonagall  for World Book Day, I am a great believer in multi functional costuming (not that that skirt is meant to be purely costume only, as it’d be perfectly wearable normally, it’s just that she doesn’t). And I am such a believer in multi functional costuming, being pretty sure that in future years she’ll probably be needing to go to school as a Victorian and a World War II evacuee, I’m covering my bases, I think that apron is a guaranteed cert for Victorian Day (in probably the exact same costume to be honest) and it may be useful for the World War II costume to, although by then she may be able to fit into my clothes even more and then she could just borrow some of my ‘granny chic’ stuff.

Meanwhile I’m reading the whole long email thread from all the other mums in the class going “Argh, what? Tudor day’s tomorrow?”, tell you what, it was easier when they did Egypt last year and all it was was a white sheet (see white sheeting, so useful for costumes), with a hole cut for the head and yet another piece of ribbon.


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