Trying out evenweave


I’m all about trying out new stuff in my crafting at the moment (when I get time to do any that is), I’m busy and stressed and my attention span is low, so if I’m going to do anything it’s got to be something that grabs my attention and I always get a kick out of learning something new. So I thought I’d finally give evenweave a try. Now for those that don’t do cross stitch, there are basically two types of fabric you can cross stitch on (ok, there’s three types of fabric really, if you count using waste canvas to cross stitch on any type of fabric at all), anyway the two types are aida and evenweave. Aida, with it’s larger, more defined holes, is easier to stitch on and it’s what I’ve been using since I started cross stitch (it’s also cheaper and easier to get hold of), however it is quite a stiff fabric. Evenweave on the other hand is more like ‘normal’ fabric, except that it’s weave is even, so you can cross stitch across its threads. It was a little bit odd getting used to, stitching across threads instead of from hole to hole, like with aida and I found it is a little tricky when counting across large gaps, to make sure I’d counted correctly but other than that, I found I got used to stitching on evenweave a lot quicker than I anticipated.

The pattern is by andwabisabi and is called ‘My cute neighbourhood’, it’s a little different from andwabisabi’s normal designs (of which I am a great fan) but I’m all about doing different right now and I like this one.


5 thoughts on “Trying out evenweave

    1. Ah I should have remembered there was linen to! No, I haven’t tried that one yet, I definitely think I’ll be giving it a go at some point though, as although evenweave does feel nicer than aida, still not brilliant!

  1. That looks great! I much prefer Evenweave to Aida now that I’m used to it. I find it easier and it looks nicer.
    Love that design you’ve used. Must take a look at the designer.

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