Infinity scarf

infinity scarf

I like scarves (as long as they’re rectangular or infinity scarves and are made of cotton, wool, jersey or linen – in case anyone I know is reading this and is planning on buying me a square silk scarf or something, so not me) but scarves, specially for what they are, are expensive (White Stuff, I’m looking at you here, although that hasn’t stopped me buying a few from your collection). So sometimes I see a nice material that just screams scarf at me, I check the price of the fabric and it is almost always cheaper than an equivalent scarf in the shops and I buy.

That happened last week when I spotted some cheap rose print poplin in John Lewis. I bought a metre, cut it into four long rectangles, sewed together at the short end two of the rectangles and repeated with the other two rectangles and then wrong sides together sewed together the two joined together rectangles (just on the long sides). I then turned the scarf the right way round and (and now this bit was slightly trickier) sewed the ends together to make it into a loop. Just one metre of fabric makes for quite a long scarf (if you cut it into four rectangles) and it was enough to loop round my head three times, which I prefer (and it is how I am wearing it in the photo), although it also looks good looped round two times and in that case it covers my dodgy, grubby sloganed t-shirt.


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