*Ssssh* don’t tell my dad (and not making things this Christmas)

I am largely not making things this Christmas, I did start, was about a third of a way through a project, realised I was getting bored silly, was resenting the hell out of doing it and was pretty sure that the person it was intended for (not my dad) probably wouldn’t particularly appreciate it, so I ……stopped. Consequently this year has been a little weird, not having the normal pre Christmas crafting rush, I do now, in it’s place have a ‘oh my god I haven’t gone shopping yet and I can’t until I get paid (middle of the month)’ rush but hey, it’s a different kind of stress 😉  It hasn’t been all good that I haven’t succumbed to Christmas crafting frenzy this year though; I had planned to assuage my ‘guilt’ and my ethics by buying exclusively handmade on Etsy instead but my real life job is a zero hours type contract job (basically where I work the number of hours they give me / I volunteer for) and my November pay packet was particularly low so I couldn’t be organised and get that online shopping done (this would have been where making cheap homemade presents would have come in useful). My December pay packet will be pretty good thanks to a particularly eye opening project I’ve been working on at work for the last month, but it’s too late for those online shopping deadlines really. Also I have kinda missed that enforced sitting down, making stuff time, yes it can be frantic and a little stressful but when else do you really have the excuse to almost make things 24/7 for a while?

Anyway, I’m still trying to retain a spark of individuality in my Christmas presents and this is what I got my dad, which in a way is sort of ‘made’.

dad's diary

It’s a personalised diary from Blurb; my dad, a while ago, went through and scanned all his extensive collection of family slides onto his computer and gave CDs to me and my sister, so I used those photos, plus a few more modern ones of Girl and Boy Lacer, to create the diary. The cover photo is of me, my mum and my sister (I’m the middle one). I am pretty sure from the photo we’re standing on the beach where they now film a lot of Doctor Who, which always makes me smile because it’s one of my favourite beaches and when we used to go there, they obviously never even filmed Doctor Who in Wales but my mum always used to say (fairly frequently) that they should film Doctor Who there due to the beach’s strange rock formations, roll on 30 years later …..

The diaries are fully customisable, you can add photos for the start of each month and even a tiny photo at the bottom of each page (I didn’t do the latter, although it would have been nice it would have gone beyond my budget), you can even add text to the actual diary entry pages, so you could have say, for a particular day, ‘Jo’s birthday’ printed, although I didn’t go for that option either because it just felt a bit funny as obviously I call members of my family different names to what my dad calls them and well, seemed strange writing someone else’s diary entries for them, but I think that’s just me.

Anyway, I tried (but failed for some of the more boring months) to keep the photos seasonal, this is October’s photo, Boy Lacer has seen this photo and he goes “Is that you being Harry Potter?”, no, more ‘innocent’ times when a witch was just a witch.

harry potter

And I like this photo to, a very early one of my mum (looks like before I was born), proving that taking a photo of yourself in the mirror is not just a 21st century social media thing.


I have also made a diary for the mother-in-law (Mr. Lacer once again scoring it lucky and getting me to sort out his mother’s presents), that one used more up to date photos of the kids.

I don’t know if Blurb have passed their last shipping before Christmas dates yet but it may be worth a check out, however I should add the proviso that the diary above is Blurb’s second attempt at printing it, as the first diary they sent me had someone else’s photos inserted half way through! However, to their credit they did print a second copy with no fuss and it still got here in plenty of time for Christmas.


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