Wintery Thames Sunset

thames winter sunset

The kids have been poorly, so no walk for me this week, that and the fact that it is FREEZING, much colder than it normally is (I think today the high was -4C in my neck of the woods, the low was -9C and all the time the city dweller in me is going “Don’t like this, don’t like this at all, this is London for christ sake”) and wisdom tooth number *god I lost count* has started crumbling away and I’ve lost a filling in another tooth and so every time I go out in the cold my mouth hurts like hell. So none of this is conducive to walks (although I was tempted this morning as the frost / freezing fog combo did look pretty) but anyway, the kids were well enough this late afternoon to make it to Girl Lacer’s orthodontist appointment, the photo above was taken on the way (just outside Richmond).


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