September House pattern
September House pattern

Way before I had decided I wasn’t going to be making (hardly) any Christmas presents this year I had been super organised and ordered some 2013 calendar panels from September House and well if I didn’t use them they’d have gone to waste, so this year my aunts and uncles are getting handmade but it’s the last year people!

The calendar above was stitched fittingly with the pattern from September House that goes with the calendar panel (which I now can’t find the link to).

The next calendar was stitched with a peacock from Urban Threads.

Urban Threads Pattern
Urban Threads Pattern

And the final calendar was stitched with the Cheeky Bird pattern from June Craft.

June Craft Pattern
June Craft Pattern

I ummed and ahhed about how I was going to finish them and opted in the end for using trouser hangers, I fear my aunts and uncles may think this odd, I am still pretty convinced they’re going to think the whole thing odd, I guess a generational thing, they are after all the generation that firmly gave up the mend it, fix it, make it ethos that their parents would have had and that we (or at least us legion of crafters) now have back again. Hey, oh well, if they don’t like the calendar at least they’ve got a new trouser hanger . . .

(And another problem with Christmas crafting, never any decent light)


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