Uzbec ornaments

uzbec ornaments 1-3

This is what I’ve been working on for quite some time, it’s Uzbec ornaments 1 to 3, there is a fourth but I ran out of time before Christmas as they are actually meant to be Christmas ornaments, although I think they’re nice enough for all year round and I definitely plan on making the fourth ornament after Christmas, as it does feel like there’s something missing. With each ornament the design gets more complicated and I do want to do the most complicated design (although considering I made mistakes in ornaments 1 – 3 …..).

Anyway the patterns are by Felicity Hall and I’ve used different colours than she specified (chosen by the kids with final yay or nay and some ‘suggestions’ from me). The patterns use tent stitch, which was great fun and I so want to do more tent stitch projects.


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