Teacher gifts

Teacher gifts

When said I was going to make hardly any Christmas presents, this is what I meant by hardly, as I’d always planned to make these. The patterns are by that seasonal staple September House, this year’s Christmas patterns (the tree) and an earlier year’s Christmas set (the snowflake). This is Boy Lacer’s last year in infants *sob*, so my last year making Christmas presents for the teachers (although having said that I need to glue together Girl Lacer’s class’ card for their teacher, as I’m doing the collection for that this year).

I have a stinking horrible cold right now, the sort of cold with bells on and it’s getting worse, not better, which is making me sulk as this has happened for the last two Christmas’ we’ve been at home, whereas Christmas’ when we’re away I’m (and everyone else) is as right as rain. Christmas at home  (as in my home) is important to me, it’s where I get to do stuff for me, do my traditions i.e. lots of baking but when I and other people in the house are ill, that doesn’t happen. The closest I’ve got to Christmas cooking this year is watching Nigel, Nigella and Paul and Mary.


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