Shadow of Night


Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness is the second part of the All Souls Trilogy, after a rocky start I loved the first book of the series, A Discovery of Witches and although I had an equally rocky start with Shadow of Night, I really enjoyed this book to. For those that don’t know this series, start at the beginning, it really is not a series you can jump into the middle of; it tells the story of Diana, a witch who falls in love with Matthew, a vampire. The first book is set in the 21st century whereas the second book is set mainly in 1591, as Diana and Matthew travel back in time to discover more about Diana’s magic and search for a book that could hold clues as to why, in the 21st century, witches, vampires and daemons are dying out.

The book is very atmospheric, I love historical novels which absorb me into the period I’m reading about and I found the characters very empathetic. Will definitely be reading the final book in the trilogy when it comes out.

**** (out of 5)


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